Sunday, January 25, 2015

Heal the bay clean up

Hello my name is Justin Santana and i am a freshmen at CSULA!!!! For the past couple of day my English 101 professor was planning a trip to clean up Dockweiler Beach. I have never been to that beach before i realized that it was a nice beach, but while cleaning up i found some very interesting trash. It was a great experience cleaning up the beach because  got to interact with others and made the beach a little more cleaner. I had a great time spending time with friends at the beach. The people where really nice and really appreciated what we were doing so they would thank us or give us stuff!! I felt so amazed on how much people actually felt about what we where doing. Judging by the stuff we found someone must have had a great turn up XD. only did i realize there was more trash on the walk to the car than the beach.

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