Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Heal the Bay Cleanup at Dockweiler State Beach

Hello my name is Hector Borja, my Engl 101 class and I participated in the Heal The Bay event were we were assigned to clean up Dockweiler State Beach by picking up trash around the shores and hills. Each group was given a plastic bag, latex gloves, and a paper to tally up the trash your group picked up. It was a fun expereince for me becuase I never did a beach clean up but I have volunteered before on other clean up events but didnt compare to this one becuase the scenry was nicer. My group and I picked up alot of things like 3 used daipers but we used the gloves to pick them up and not bare hand, also we picked up alot of trash by the hills like cigarette butts, plastic cups, straws, and much more trash. This event showed me is that some people can be careless and just throw their trash practically anywhere they feel like.

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