Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dockweiler Beach Cleanup

Hello everyone, my name is Benjamin Limones and this past Sunday I had the privilege to contribute with the Heal the Bay program. Even though it was a pretty amazing drive with the planes next to me as I drove down the 105 freeway, the great part of the field trip was that I, as well as my English 101 class, helped out and cleaned up Dockweiler Beach. It was a nice experience because I got to pick up trash and see how people don’t care about what trash they throw in the sand which will soon end up in the ocean. But with my actions and what the amount of trash my group picked up next time and well pretty much from now on when I go to the beach I will take spare bags and clean not only my area but my surrounding area also. I know I do that I will contribute to this cause and keep the trash where it supposed to be inside trash bins, not the sand. By far I’ve gone to many field trips but never did I believe that little actions can make a big difference in the marine life. This Heal the Bay trip has showed me many ideas that I can pass down to my family and my future generations…….Thanks Heal the Bay (the Heal the Bay Decal looks great in my truck)

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