Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Heal the Bay

This past Sunday my English 101 class participated in Heal the Bay, an organization that helps clean the beach. I had an amazing experience. Before, I came into this English class I was not aware of any of these organizations that help the planet except the few that are always on commercials or poster boards along the freeway. When I arrived we were put into groups and given a bag. As I walked along the beach picking up trash I was astonished by how much trash my group collected and imagining that other groups might have picked up more. There was so much trash such a cigarette butts, plastic plates, and a lot of broken glass. Even though the picture I provided above might be clean and pretty not all beaches look like this without organizations or people that picked up or dispose of their trash correctly. This experience has seriously changed my view on how we get rid of our trash.

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