Monday, January 26, 2015

Heal the Bay: Dockweiler State Beach

Hello fellow readers, my name is Brianna Espinoza and I am a freshman at CSULA. This past Sunday our English 101 class participated in Heal the Bay at Dockweiler State Beach. We were tasked with cleaning up the beach and tallying up all of our findings. Cleaning up at Dockweiler was not my first encounter in beach clean-ups. In the past I have volunteered to do beach clean-ups at Seal Beach. So I was excited to share this experience with my fellow classmates, where some have never done any type of beach clean-ups before. My first thought of this beach while walking along the sandy pathways and shore was that it was quite clean compared to others. In my group, we found a moderate amount of Styrofoam, plastic, and cigarette butts. Also, we found two odd items, which were a sock and a CD. My only disappointment within this experience is that I was not able to find seashells for my own keepsakes. Overall, Dockweiler is a beautiful beach to visit and I encourage others to participate in beach clean-ups. I believe that it is a great experience to endure, while also acknowledging the impact society has on our environment. Also, what we as a community can do to help better it.

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