Sunday, January 25, 2015

HEAL THE BAY @ Dockweiler Beach

   Going to Dockweiler Beach and picking up trash was a unique experience. Something that I have never done before. Waking up early in the morning on a weekend was already a tough task from the start, but after arriving to the beach early and trying to find the place where we're suppose to be at, was something else. The direction we were given was arrive at the parking lot and walk north, which I did which felt like forever. Even though I arrived early for the clean up, I still ended up late trying to find the place we were suppose to be at. After walking up north for almost an hour, a friend that I was with decided to walk back to our cars and just go home, but lucky, before we got to our cars, we saw our classmates picking up trash. So we decided to just join in on their group and help clean up. We found all kinds of things. There was a lot of cigarette butts and  plastic pieces. The most craziest thing we found was a CD and a sock. Luckly there wasn't too much trash, so the beach was in good condition. From my point of view at least. Overall, it was a fun day. Our group got to play in the water for a bit while picking up trash and I got to scare some seagulls.

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