Sunday, January 25, 2015

Heal The Bay Event 2015

Hi, my name is Efren Colato. Today, I had the pleasure and opportunity to not only hangout at Dock Weiler beach with my classmates and admire the beautiful oceanic view along the horizon, but to also participate in the Heal The Bay event and gain a deeper understanding of how garbage can really affect the environment and its inhabitants and what we could do to diminish the amount of garbage actually present in our planet's oceans. So, in this event, we had to sweep and cleanse the sandy shores of garbage and keep a tally of our findings. After our little "scavenger hunt", I've got to say that our garbage intake was rather shocking. Who would've thought that you'd find garbage like a broken disc, a tattered sock, and vast amounts of Styrofoam lying around the sand in Dock Weiler beach? This just goes to show that people should be more considerate of their disposables and toss them in a garbage can rather than anywhere else if we are to appreciate and glance at the wonders that mother nature has to offer us. This event has motivated me to do my part to help keep the beaches and other environments clean.

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