Sunday, January 25, 2015

Heal The Bay

My name is Carina Martinez and I am a freshman at Cal State LA. On Sunday, January 25, 20, I had the opportunity along with my English 101 classmates and professor to volunteer and help Heal the Bay clean up Dockweiler Beach. As I first arrived to the beach I did not notice trash, instead I noticed a beautiful place that was alive with animals and people enjoying the weather. But it was not until I began to walk along the parking lot or near the bonfires that I noticed the trash that had been left behind by those who had been there the previous day. It was sad to see trash being thrown to the ground that which can go into ocean when there were plenty of trash cans all over the beach that were nearly empty. Some of the most common things we found during the clean-up were cigarette buds and different types of plastic. Although there was not as much trash as I thought there was, I am glad I could help the beach in any way that I can and even a surfer thanked us for helping clean the beach. Overall it was a great experience being able to help out and it was also a fun day. 

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