Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Cleaner The Better :)

Hello fellow bloggers, my name is Melissa Garcia. I am a freshman in Cal State LA , and I'm taking English 101 with Professor Ximena Hernandez. On April 28, 2012 I volunteered the LA river clean up day. It was a great experience to experienced, and I got the opportunity to see how unsafe the environment we are living in. As I looked everywhere around my surroundings there was trash everywhere, little and big. I felt happy to be able to do this project because knowing that I did a great achievement with my classmates by cleaning the trash. Many people does not know what they are doing to environment when they litter their trash. Trash in the ground as the wind blows it away to potholes, then to the river and eventually to the ocean. Although as I was sad that I had to return home, my heart was rejoice to see other people cleaning up the river because LA is my home. LA is everyone home, well people who lives in LA that is. After my day cleaning the river, it got me thinking not to litter. So now I'm going to think twice when I don't throw away my trash in its rightful place, the trash can. 

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