Friday, May 25, 2012

Hi my name is Miriam Delgado and I am a student in Mrs. Ximena Hernandez class English 101. I attended the L.A river clean up where I experience something new in my life. As I clean up the L.A river I noticed that as a society all we are doing is damaging are planet by throwing trash down in the streets and the trash ends up in the river. As I clean up the river some of the stuff that I pick up were plastic bottles, cans, cabinet doors, sticks and even underware. I had a great experiece cleaning up the L.A river and made me realize that it is important for one to clean up the place that we live in. Nature is something that as a society we suppose to take care of and not trash it. We need to teach are next generation of kids that nature is something important that we need to take care of. Nature gives us beautiful stuff and because of that we suppose to give something back to it by planting trees or flowers.  

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