Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The purpose of my classmates and I going to the L.A River was to clean. As I walked around, I have seen a lot of trash that made me wonder how it got there. Obviously most people have no idea that the trash they throw out from their car window or on the streets somehow end on the L.A River. Therefore, day after day, trash after trash, collapse into more and more trash. I experience a connection with nature, something I have not done before. I was one of the persons that will never mind nature because I believed nature will always remain as nature. However, at this point that thought has vanished and I realize how much damage has been cause to nature, overall. This activity relates to the readings of the environment we have read in class and to the prompt of our essay. Indeed, this experience has made me realized the important of nature and why we should care and be careful we the threats we construct in our life.

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