Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Make a Change :)

Hello my name is Jessica Alcala. I am a student at Cal State LA and I'm taking English 101 with Professor Ximena Hernandez. On April 28, 2012 I attended the LA River clean-up day. It was a wonderful experience knowing that you help your environment and you get the opportunity to see how unsafe is the surrounding where you live. Sometimes you don’t really understand on how a plastic wrapper you throw on the floor could affect your environment until you actually see it. While cleaning the river I notice that everywhere I turn I would see plastic bags. Plastic bags is a big issue because plastic is not that easy to dissolve so it would last for a long period of time. We found many types of objects throughout our day cans, shirts, sweaters, shoes, blankets, a shopping cart, metal signs, water hoses, and a tea pot. I would never have thought I was going to find these objects at a river.


It might have been difficult waking up early in the morning getting muddy, sweaty, and going up the hill carrying the trash to the trash can (which was a work out) but it was all for a good cause. We made a little change, but there is still many more places we need to change and take care of. So now when you see someone throw something to the floor you can tell them where can it end up and the danger it can cause. We made a difference, but anyone else can make a difference too. We can all work together.

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