Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our Environment

 My name is Jennifer Catalan. I volunteered and helped cleaned the LA River on April 28, 2012. When my professor told the class we had the option to go and clean the LA River, my reaction was, "why are we going to go and clean a river. I am sure that the river is already clean." I was wrong. The river wasn't clean. Everywhere I looked there was trash. For example, there was plastic bags, clothes, cans, plastic bottles, shoes, and etc. Seeing all the trash at the river made me feel disappointed because how did we allow the river to get that dirty? Although I was disappointed to see a part of my home look so unwelcoming,  it also made me feel happy to see children, parents, students, and other people cleaning the river with their buckets, plastic bags, and gloves ready to help.  Also seeing that there are people that care and want to make a change in our environment. My experience there was different. I got to see a part of LA I didn't know. Now I know better not to liter because the LA river is my home too.

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