Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Show You Care, & Go Green!

      Hello, my name is Sierra Sharpe; I am in Professor Jenny Hicks English 101 class. For the environmental activity I was not able to attend neither the Dockweiler Beach cleanup nor the LA River. However I was able to go help out with a go green activity at Memorial Heights elementary where my aunt works. They needed extra help with watching over the kids, so I volunteered to help.
       We went around to a park near the elementary school, broke into groups, and began to clean the park. This had not been my first time participating in this kind of activity, but this time around it was a different learning experience especially dealing with the younger kids. It was fun, and also cool to see how interested the kids actually were to be cleaning the park. We not only cleaned the park, but we also collected anything we saw that could be recycled. As  I think back on the experience, these kids were in second and third grade and although they don’t know and understand the importance of going green just yet; it was great to expose them of such a positive activity at a young age.

       People should definitely realize how important recycling and cleaning not only parks, but you’re neighborhoods as well as the beach is. Every little bit counts, and if everyone one takes a little bit of time to go green, and get others as well as kids to understand the importance, the world won’t change right away; but as time goes on we’ll be able to see a difference. 

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