Monday, May 14, 2012

Keep the World Clean makes the World go Round :)

Hi my name is Jenny Sanasinh and I am a student from Jenny Hicks English 101 class. I didn't get a chance to clean the beach or the LA River with CSULA students, but I did end up cleaning Lynwood Park. Cleaning Lynwood Park made me realize that people are getting lazy cleaning after themselves. There are trashcans at every corner and even by every table. How could they be that lazy to not want to walk two or three steps away to throw away their trash? Cleaning after ourselves is one thing but after another person, it is pretty gross. I don't even like cleaning after customers when they are done eating and that's my job. Helping out my city by cleaning one park made me feel great to know that I tried to make our city cleaner than before. Hopefully the park stays clean because I wouldn't want any kids to run around and trip on trash. Just remember always clean after yourself and never toss trash out of your car window, think of it as your room or house because I would be one angry person if someone trashed my house.

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