Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cleaning LA River

Hi my name is Carmen Del Villar I’m a student from Cal State LA. On April 27, 2012 my English 101 class took part in cleaning the LA River. I personally believe that I will never forget that day because it was a day in which each and everyone one of us tried to make a difference. The LA River is a beautiful place which just needs a little cleaning up. People should try to take care of our plant so it can stay clean. While cleaning there were many different types of things that could be found like fast food trash, plastic bags, clothing, shopping cars, and so many more things. That day I learned a lot and one things I learn was that I like helping make a difference no matter how small it was. I would like to tell people to please take part in making a difference so we can restore the natural beauty to place like the LA River.   

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