Monday, May 14, 2012


Hello my name is Breanna Zuniga and I am a student from Professor Jenny Hicks English 101 class. I was not able to attend the beach clean up or the L.A. river clean up however I cleaned up a park that is a couple of blocks away from my house.Sadly,from cleaning the park I found so much trash near the bushes and trees.There was recycling bins and trashcans located everywhere but visitors don't care about about the park. The park is supposed to be a relaxing place to enjoy the outdoors,however the waterbottles on the ground,candy wrappers laying around was a bit surprising because the trashcans are nearby and yet people still chose to throw stuff on the ground rather than walking a couple of steps and putting the trash where it belongs.The Service Learning project  relate to our class/readings because we are learning about authors and the way the feel about the Earth.Little by little if everyone contributes and gets other people to contribute to become eqo-friendly there is a possibility that this type of cycle will make a major difference for future generations.And remember the simplest things can make a difference in improving our earth.It is up to you to make a difference!

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