Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hands On

Hello my name is Magali Caro. I am currently taking an environmental section for my taking English 101 at Cal-State LA. In order to do a little of my part to help out nature I went to Los Cerritos Wetlands where I was able to do land restoration and have a live learning experiences. At Los Cerritos Wetlalnds they help protect the wildlife that is still seen there. Some of the wildlife is in danger of getting extinct like the Savanna Sparrow. In the section where this wet land is located there are highways surrounding it which is why they are constantly trying to keep it clean as well as cleaning up the harmful toxins left by past companies which have made the soil hard and not appropriate for plant growth. What i had to do while at Los Cerritos Wetlands was make little mountain rings to help keep the water in certain section to penetrate the dirt since the soil as i mentioned before is very unmanageable because of toxins left behind. One of the other activity i did was make holes in the dirt in other to implant crops that have been grown specially for the sight since the wildlife here require these plants. After a hard days work it feels good to know you did a little of your part to save the environment and learned something new that will help you feel more engaged to be natures helping hand. There are many activities you can do to help Los Cerritos Wetlands, if you guys are interested in doing your part for nature and maybe getting a dirty visit "" to get details on their next workshop.

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