Sunday, May 20, 2012

Neighborhood Clean-up

Hi, my name is Desiree Silva and I am currently a student at Cal State LA. My English 101 class had an assignment for all the students to attend a service learning community event. With the permission of my teacher Jenny Hicks I decided to clean up around my neighborhood. I took this chance to do my part in my community to make it a better cleaner place. On a Saturday morning a couple of my friends, some students, two teachers, and I went to help around my high school and neighborhood. We all were paired up so we can help to clean up all around the school and community more. It was sad when I saw candy wrappers, bottles, glass, cigarettes, cardboard, and carpets just thrown around my neighborhood. I am glad that some of the students from the high school, my friends, the two teachers, and I went to clean that day because we were all doing our part in making our community a better place for everyone. It took us two hours to clean up around my neighborhood and high school. We also made sure to recycle the bottles and after we were all done we were proud that we made a difference that day. My friends, students, teachers and I will continue to do my part in my community to make it a better place.  

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