Monday, May 14, 2012

Lets Go Green!

Hi my name is Kiana Denmore I am a student in Professor Jenny Hicks Class . I was not able to attend the Dockweiler Beach or the La River Event; so instead I cleaned a park near my house called Ladera Park. I enjoyed cleaning the park I also got my family involved and we made it a family fun day by helping the environment. Although, I was disgusted by how filthy the eating area was filled with trash and plastic bottles that could have been recycled. So my family and I had two different bags one for the trash and the other for the plastic bottles and cans. The tables in the eating area had left over food and birthday confetti on top. I didn’t understand how there was so much trash cans at every end of the tables but trash all over the ground. The park was so huge but the eating area was the filthiest at the park. I felt really good after cleaning the park, I felt like I really helped the environment and learned what it takes to go green. This can help a lot in my next essay about how to save the environment and I am so glad I participated  :)


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