Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Reuse or lose!

Hello, my name is Alexa Sevillano and I am a student from Professor Jenny Hicks' English 101 class. I was unable to attend the beach clean-up or LA river clean-up but I was still able to help clean up a part of Manhattan beach with my fraternity I am currently pledging in. This fraternity is a service one so this service of cleaning the beach was a service to the community. When we reached the beach, it was pretty busy since summer is coming soon! We all honestly thought that it would not be as dirty since it is a pretty nice beach but we were wrong. We immediately started cleaning from where the sand started all the way to where the waves hit. It was pretty disappointing to not see many trash cans or recycling bins around so it makes it difficult for people to throw or recycle their trash. We came to the conclusion that maybe that's why there was so much trash lying around. The beach is supposed to be a place where people can relax and have fun but instead there is a lot of trash. The beach is right next to the water so everyone's trash can go straight to the water to where many living creatures are. The trash can harm them and can possibly kill them so having a lot of trash at the beach can be dangerous to them. This service learning project relates to the readings by teaching us that the trash laying around does affect the environment. Just like from the reading, "The End of Nature", all this trash shows that it can affect nature and can make us experience what true nature is. Everyone should clean up after themselves and recycle to help our planet! We all can make a difference one step at a time!

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