Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hello, my name is Md. Arif Islam and I am the student of California State University Los Angeles.  In this quarter I am taking English 101 with Ms. Hernandez. In English 101, our first topic was about nature and environments. First three weeks we had a lot of dictation about it, such as we have read some articles and books. Additionally we had to do service learning. Last Sunday our class went to Dockweiler  beach in Los Angeles, unfortunately I could not make it because I had to work on Sunday. But I went to Sunta Monica beach on Saturday to do my service. Sunta Monica beach is not dirty as Dockweiler, but I still found a lot of trash by doing about two hours service.  At first I thought that there is no trash because it looked so clean, but when I got closer, I found many cigarette butts, and small pieces of plastics such as straws, spoons, forks, and some other plastics. I also found a died seagull and I felt so sad, because I think we are responsible for that. Everyday we are throwing tons of trash in the ocean and in the river, those are contaminant the water. Today many animals and bards are dying for contamination.   When I was picking up trash, I felt so proud because at lest I was doing something for our environment. Over all I could say it was a rewarding experience for me and in the future I would like to continue do this kind of service.

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