Monday, January 25, 2016


Hello, my name is Gaston Gutierrrez and I am a freshman currently enrolled at Cal State Los Angeles. On January 24, 2016, our class participated in a event called Heal the Bay. The event is a day where people came to volunteer to clean Dockweiler Beach. In our class we have been learning about how our environment is being polluted and the effects it has on our world so this event was a way to help make a change and help the environment. At the beach we were split into groups and worked together to pick up the trash that is washed up on the beach or that is left over from people who left their trash. Surprisingly, their was a lot of trash that was in the sand. People really need to start throwing way their trash, it made me mad how lazy people can be. It also made me think how important it is throwing away your trash can be and helping our environment. The most trash that was found was cigaret buds and plastic straws. The weirdest thing was found by our class was a big rusty pipe and know one knew where it came from. From this event I've learned how much trash is in our ocean and that people need to take care of our environment. It was cool getting together with my classmates and making a difference.

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