Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Clean Beach

Hello, my name is Brian Torres and I am a freshmen at Cal State Los Angles. For my English 101 class my classmates and I went to Dockweiler Beach, a beach located near the Los Angles Airport. We all participate in a beach clean up with the Heal The Bay Foundation. It was a beautiful Sunday morning. The weather was nice and cool. It was a perfect day to help clean the beach and help out the environment. My classmates and I were split into groups and were given cleaning supplies such as trash bags and latex gloves. After we received our supplies we were on the hunt for some trash that was left behind by Angelenos. My group and I found a lot of dangerous trash that can potential harm the environment and the native beach animals too. We found plenty of cigarette butts and plastic bags that can be eaten by seagulls. These items can cause the seagulls to become very sick because of all the chemicals in the cigarette butts or choke on the plastic. We also found a couple of six pack rings that can be harmful to the animals because they are known to get caught inside the rings. This relates to over class because we are studying all the affects humans can make to the environment. For example we are reading No Impact Man by Colin Beavan. Its about a New Yorker who attempts to not make any impact on the environment. He wants to be environmentally free as much as possible by not producing any trash or hurt the environment in anyway. Overall, it was a great experience to be a part of Heal The Bay. To know that my classmates and I made a positive impact on the environment and cleaned up items that can hurt the beach animals that live there. Who knew that Dockweiler Beach was so full of trash. I now see how bad it is to litter and all the negative affects it can have. I will definitely think twice about littering and I would definitely volunteer again with Heal The Bay again.

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