Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Heal the Bay

Hello my name is Mariella Orellana and this is my second quarter at CSULA. I am currently enrolled in English 101 and on January 24th my class went to dockweiler beach to pick up trash and participate with heal the bay. It being my first time at this beach, I noticed it was empty, not to mention it was a Sunday at 9 am. Also, there was less trash than I imagined there to be. Although we didn't get to fill up our bag completely, we did find a lot of pieces of plastic buried in the sand and tied up in the seaweed. We found over 235 pieces of plastic and over 100 bottle caps and straws. It was sad to realize that even after everyone doing their part and picking up trash there was still a lot more trash that these poor animals will be confusing for food. Overall this activity was really fun and very eye opening. I am glad to have been a part of this because I now know the importance of helping our environment and cleaning up after ourselves and the harm that we can cause if we don't.

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