Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Clean Beach

      My name is Jose Martinez and I am a freshmen in CSULA. On January 24, my English 101 class and I participated in the Heal the Bay activity.  The main goal of this activity was to clean the beach. The past few weeks we have been reading and learning about the environment in Los Angeles. The environment is a bit bad here from all the pollution, so we decided to take action of this. Going to the beach to a clean up made me feel a bit like No Impact Man because I was doing something positive for the environment. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it on time to join my classmates on this activity but I was still able to do my part and do some cleaning. Cleaning was fun, the first thing I picked up was a pair of blue sandals. I had an epiphany ,while I was cleaning, about Earth being my only home and that I should really treat it with care because it is everything that I have in my years of living. I'm glad that I was able to clean the beach and take time to enjoy the beach. Hopefully everyone starts to do their part to keep the environment clean.

This is the pair of blue sandals that I found.

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