Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello, my name is Rosa Sanchez. I am a freshman at CSULA and currently enrolled in English 101. On Sunday, January 24 my class and I participated for the Heal The Bay event. We were in groups and we all had to pick up the trash and count how much of each item we found. Within our groups we had to walk around the beach and picked up trash. The amount of trash we found was a lot and much of it was very surprising. My group found a lot of cigarette butts and lighters. What we kept finding over and over again were a lot of straws and bottle caps. This relates to our class because we have been learning about what happens to all the water that is in the L.A river. It all drains into the oceans and this weekend we saw the effects on that by seeing all the trash that was near the beach. I learned that by us cleaning the beach we can make a difference because fish eat plastic thinking it's something else and that kills them. Seeing all the trash In the beach was very concerning, but we can all make a difference by not littering so that less trash won't end up in the ocean. 

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