Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pick Up the Pieces

My name is Michell Ramirez and I am a first year student at the California State University of Los Angeles. Unit 1 of my English 101 class involved L.A. & The Environment so on January 24th 2016 the entire class went to the beach. Sounds like a time of leisure, but the class as well as other classes went to Dockweiler State Beach to clean it up. We participated with a group known as "Heal The Bay" that provided us with tally sheets, gloves, and trash bags. At first I was reluctant to go because of the simple fact of waking up early but walking on the beach and picking up trash became relaxing. After a while the weather became pretty nice but looking down at the sand and all those little pieces of trash reminded me of how polluted our pretty beaches and earth is. The beach really is a magnificent part of nature in L.A. as told by Jenny Price in her article. My group and I had picked up various amounts of tiny pieces of plastic, straws, and bottle caps. Sure they were tiny pieces but little pieces add up and these pieces could be found in the bellies of the birds the next day. I learned that it does not take much to help the environment because between some students over 1,000 pieces of trash were picked up that fine Sunday morning. 

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