Monday, January 25, 2016

Healing the Bay; What a Productive Day !


January 24th, 2016

My name is Alexa Zubia and I currently attend the California State University of Los Angeles. I am enrolled in an English 101 class that centers our curriculum around the environment; it's past, present, and overall welfare. Our class took the opportunity this past Sunday to align ourselves with other classes like ourselves and the Heal the Bay organization to go and help clean up the Dockweiler beach. The Dockweiler State Beach is a beach in Los Angeles, California, with a 3.75 mile long shoreline with a hang gliding training center and, oh yeah, a waste treatment center located right next to it that directly dumps all of our processed wastes into the ocean. Needless to say, the damage to the environment here isn't much of a secret compared to other beaches along the coast. While we were here, it was also a part of our job to document the types of trash we picked up, and let me tell you; the results were shocking. With a group of 7 people scouring the sand and attempting to keep an eye on the large, crashing waves threatening to take us prisoner in its chilly, early morning current, we had found over 275 pieces of plastic of varying sizes, about 99 different straws, and hundreds of other surprising, disgusting, and shocking waste. After filling our large trash bag with the evidence of the lack of care our beaches receive, we discovered that all the other groups data was similar and came to the same conclusion; the beaches, and our communities, deserve better. This experience was truly eye-opening to the ways we've been treating our Earth, and it was the first domino in a predicted long set up of continuous support and volunteer work for our environment. 

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