Sunday, January 31, 2016

heal the bay

Hello, My name is Mixcoatl Burrola and I am a student at CSULA. For my English 101 class, my teacher Ms. Hernandez took us to Dockweiler beach for an environmental beach clean up. The objective of this event was to clean the beach and record what we picked up. The beach was very dirty with a lot of seaweed that has washed up the shore, but like most beaches there was a lot of trash. My classmates and I picked up a large variety of garbage on the shore. We picked up large amounts of styrofoam, small pieces plastic, plastic wrappers, cigarette butts, and food products. The beach was very dirty and it felt rewarding to clean it up and make a difference in the environment. I don't visit Dockweiler beach often but knowing the beach is just a bit cleaner. I glad our teacher Ms. Hernandez made this service project available to us. I look forward to more service projects in the future. 

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