Monday, January 25, 2016

Heal the Bay

Hello, my name is Jesus Lopez I am currently a freshmen attending California State University, Los Angeles.  For my English 101 class my classmates  and I gathered up at Dockweiler Beach to join an activity known as Heal the Bay. We all tried to collect as much trash possible. This was a fascinating activity as it related to the previous readings we were been doing in class. The first thing I noticed when  I got there was all the trash that was by the shore and all the trash that was hidden under the sand. While we were trash hunting the weirdest thing I saw was a shopping cart stuck by the shoreline.  As we continued with our activity I collected so many cigarette butts, so many foam cups, candy wrappers, and even napkins.  This activity made a good impact into my life as it made me realize how important it is to toss all our trash into the trash cans and not be lazy and throw anywhere. It also felt good  in the long run not only because we helped cleaned the beach but because we made a great impact in the environment. 

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