Wednesday, May 7, 2014

FoLAR : Clean Up

Hello! My name is Yareli Esparza. I am in professor Hernandez's English 101 Class and on Saturday May third my classmates and I went to go volunteer to clean up the L.A. River.  At first when we got to the park site I did not expect other people to participate in the organization. I thought it was just going to be CSULA students with the FoLAR members but there were other volunteers. It felt nice to see that people want to make a difference on their own. In my entire live I never noticed that we had a river in Los Angeles, it was mind blowing information. My group consisted of 7 girls including me. What I did at the beginning was I took inventory of the trash we collected while cleaning. A lot of the items were food packages like Candy wrappers and chip bags but he most would be plastic bags/grocery plastic bags. The amount of times the girls called out that they picked up a plastic bag was unrealistic. When we had finished filling up our trash bags, which we had 7 of them. I did not except to find so much trash in the jungle like area because from on top it seems clean. After taking a breather we volunteered to sort the trash. It shows what kind of trash ends up eventually into the water. The items that other groups found as well were pretty much the same thing and they had other big trash like pipes and clothes.  Over all this experience was an unforgettable one and I will wear my shirt with pride because to an extent we helped the river stay clean. the sight of the L.A river could remarkable if we do something about it. So next time you do not throw your trash away think about where it might end up!  

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