Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello my name is Moises Sandoval and I am a student Ms. Hernandez English 101 class. On Saturday May 3rd we went to go lean up the river. when I arrived there, I saw something completely different than I imagined in my head. I thought the river was going to be like a concrete jungle with very little plant life around and hardly any environment. The river appeared much like a jungle, with plants, trees and bushes growing on the inside. But it was a jungle filled with much trash. There were many items that we found at the river that were cool, such as shopping carts, old parts of a car etc. On the other hand though there were many things that I found that were bad, such as plastic growing out of trees, old beer cans, tin everywhere, it was a very polluted jungle river. the experience was very good because I learned much about how people pollute the river, and how we as people need start taking care of it.

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