Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hello my name is Keyera Johnson and I attended the LA River clean up with professor Hernandez English 101. During the La river clean up my group and I found unbelievable items while walking around cleaning. We saw and found things like food wrappings, a lot of plastic, pieces of clothing and even a suit case, but we could not grab it out due to the fact it was deep in the ground and wrapped in between the tree. I could not believe how much trash it was polluted in that area, it amazed me because the things we found were every day items we use. Also I learned that majority of the trash was plastic bottles and food wrappings and I remember during my trash experiment I collected lot's of food wrappings as well. Before taking a trip to the La river I knew nothing about it and I had no clue what it even looked like, now that I have gotten the chance to see/ experience the clean up I strongly encourage others to come out and help clean it up. Just imagine how beautiful it would be and how we would be able to get our water from there instead of somewhere else. I actually got a chance to see the river and it looked very dirty and also had a smell to it I was surprised when I seen the ducks swimming in that type of water. Over all I learned that we polluted our resources and it harms our economy and makes the city looks dirty.

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