Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hello. My name is Rosana Carretero and I'm a student at CSULA. On Saturday May 3rd I attended the river clean up. We cleaned the Steelhead Park. At first, i pictured it with more greens and a small little pathway; but when I got there, it was nothing that I have pictured.  I never thought I would have found so many plastics out there. As i was going down to the river, I was like Oh damn, I'm going to fall. But I didn't. The group I was in and I found some interesting things down there. Besides finding plastic the most, we found clothing. I found a jacket that was stuck in the tree and a beret that seemed to belong to a young girl. One of the persons I was with found a boot and some pair of jeans. Another person found the bottom piece of a shopping cart. As we were looking for trash, we saw ducks. I never really thought that I wound find ducks down there. They were cute because there were a lot of baby ones.  When I saw the river, I was shocked because I didn't know it would look really dry.  But as we walked further up, we found the nice side of the river that actually looked like a river. Even though I got a headache at the end, I had a fun experience but it was hot that day. I would definitely clean the river again. 

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