Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello my name is Jimmy Dinh and I am in Professor Hernandez's English 101 class. Like almost everybody in the class, I joined up with the professor on March 3, 2014 to the L.A. river. Truth be told, I was looking forward for a couple of sightseeing with my group. Instead, we were welcome with dust particles, trash, and a bunch of branches. I was hoping the river to be what I was imagining many rivers to be. Unfortunately, I never got to see the river out in the open. I only manage to spot a dirty stream of water. There were interesting things that my group manage to find along the way. For example, Andres found something metallic. We all assume it might have been a bucket or something close. It was also rusted too, which means it went through some rain. We also found a shopping cart, but it was stuck inside the tree. Other interesting things we came by was a very dirty Toy Story blanket. However, we found a bunch of plastic and broken glass. I still am disappointed that I never manage to get a better view of the river. Overall, I did enjoy the trip. It was not so bad since I had friends with me. I did not manage to get much picture because that did not come into my mind.

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