Tuesday, May 13, 2014

LA River Cleanup

Hello my name is Jenilee Iniguez and I am from Ms. Hernandez English 101-21. On May 3rd, I had an opportunity to help keep the La River clean. To be honest I thought the river was not going to have as many trash as people had told. I was surprised because my group and I found so much trash around the river.  When my professor told my class that there were plastic bags everywhere I did not believe it. Once we started to clean the very first trash I found was a plastic bag. I was so surprise on how many plastic bags my group and I found. We also found a lot of candy wrappers and chips bags. Something cool we found while looking for trash around the river was a place that looked like people were living there. We found clothes and something for a baby. After we wishing cleaning the river my group and I decided to go sort the trash. It was very hot and I did want to sort the rash. One thing I noticed about sorting trash is that there was a lot of plastic bags and little pieces of plastic. It was a great experience going to the L.A. River and I would not change it for anything in the world.

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