Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hello my name is William De La Rosa, I am currently taking Ms. Hernandez for English 101. I have  to be honest I wasn't too excited about waking up on a Saturday to clean up the river, but let me tell you it was a really great experience being there with hundreds of people who wanted to make a difference in the community. I for one am glad I got to clean up the river. I didn't know many people but I got to meet many new and cool people there. Knowing that I made a difference in the community makes me feel great. This beautiful world offers me so many resources and what does it ask for in return. Nothing really except to help keep clean. Seeing all the trash that was thrown in the floor, trees, and river wasn't so cool but picking it up and making it clean was very cool. Participating in the FOLAR was a great first time experience, next year will also be a great year because you will definitely see me there again making a difference in the world little by little.

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