Tuesday, April 26, 2016

L.A. River Clean Up

Hello my name is Paloma Tirado, a first year student at Cal state LA; currently I am taking Englis 101 with professor Hernandez. On Saturday 23, 2016, I attended an activity that consited on cleaning the LA River. At first I was not too excited to attend this activity because it was Saturday morning, but I wanted to see what this activity that professor Hernandez talked about in class. When I aarived at the place of the clean up I was impressed to see how many people were willing to participate in the cleaning of the LA River. Seeing all tose people therehappy to clen the river actually helped me to be more motivated to be there and to help clean the river. This clean up was a great way to relate, and have a better understanding of the readings we were doing in class.


Attending the LA River clean upwas a good experience for me because it helped me see that many people do not care, or care so littleabout the environment. While cleaning up the river me and my pertners found so many different stuff like car parts, shopping carts, clothes, etc. This clean up relates to the book we were reading in class called The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, because it shows that people do not care about the environment and only about money. The clean up helped me see that the planet offers us a lot of beautiful things but we do not take the chance to take care of them; people only care of having more and more power. Helping to clean the LA River was a good way to reflect on what we are doing to the world and to see that it is not too late to change the way we are living.


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