Wednesday, April 27, 2016

LA River Clean Up

Hello, my name is Ceejay Garcia and I am in Professor Hernandez' English 101 class. On Saturday, April 23rd, we participated in FOLAR's Los Angeles River Clean Up. In all honesty, I was not excited for this trip at all. I am not a morning person and it was taking up my Saturday morning. But once my friend and I got there, I was surprised to see many volunteers for this event. At first we were confused on where to go and what to do but once we got the hang of what's going on, it was not as bad as I expected. Most of the trash that we picked up were plastic bags and junk food wrappers which was no shock to me. Some of the plastic was hard to pick up due to it getting stuck in between the rocks and in the plants, but we got as much trash as we could. Seeing many volunteers, kids and adults, made me have hope that we can better our environment. Overall, it was a good experience to see what nature is like in LA and to participate in a great program to better our environment. 

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