Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hey there I am Angel Maldonado from CSULA and in my English 101 class with professor Hernandez we attend the LA river. When I got there I thought I was in the wrong places since it was a trail of dirty and I was expecting the river to look clean, but once I got closer I saw that it was dirty and filled with trash. Our objective for our class was to clean up the LA river and we got together with FoLAR and help out with the cleaning. I was impress on how many people went to the LA river to clean and help out. The thing that caught my eye more was how parents were taking their kids to the LA river to be a part of the FoLAR move. The parents were teaching their kids in cleaning up the LA river can be beneficial for them because later in the future they will have a cleaner river and will teaches them to not trash the river. My experience was great because i got the chance to meet new people that are also willing to make a change in the community by cleaning up the river. ii got the chance to talk to the people that there being a part of the cleanup and they will tell me that they want to better LA by stop trashing it. In my experience wasn't really expecting to see a lot of trash in the LA river but in the end many people put in the work and clean up that there were so many bags of trash at the top of the river so people can collect them and take them to the trucks. I got to see people struggling to take out two shopping carts that were in the river. I found a steal metal sheet that was all rusted in the river and I took it to where all the trash bags were. I saw was surprise that I saw ducks in the river since its cover in trash and me and my friends found a dead crab in the water as well. All in all, my experience was great I had a good time cleaning up the LA river.

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