Thursday, April 28, 2016


         Hi. I'm Ahmed Basfar a Cal State L.A. student. I'm taking English 101 to develop my reading and writing skills. We are focusing on the city of Los Angeles and environmental issues. However, as a part of class activities, and since April is the month of earth, students were asked to sing up for the 27th annual great Los Angeles river clean up. The clean up was going on for the last 3 Saturdays of April and on 3 different parts of the river.
         I attended the event on the second Saturday April 23rd with a group of my classmates. The process goes like this, We reach the destination, signed in by filling a waver form, picked up bags and snacks. Then, the staff also provided us with gloves and trash bags to help cleaning the trash. The main material we were asked to look for and pick up was plastic because it is harmful to the species living on the river and easy to recycle. Over all, the clean up was a new experience to me since I have never attended such event. I felt like I gave something back to the city of L.A. and to our environment.
Here are a couple of pictures of the location:

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