Tuesday, April 26, 2016

L.A River Cleanup

L.A River cleanup

Hello, my name is nelson Hernandez, attending the L.A. River cleanup I learned that people's trash or anything they throw away from a trashcan affects others, like animals. This is because while manny, me, angel, and aseph were walking along the river picking up trash, we found two places where there were dead crabs. I was walking along the river hoping to find fishes but on that long walk, I did not saw any of them. Also, a river without animals is like is not a river, the only animals that I saw on the river were some ducks and birds.

I had a good experience because I got to see the river and seeing how families and other schools volunteered to clean up the river. It is really important to teach the little kids that throwing away trash is not good and after going to the L.A. River I saw a lot of kids excited picking up trash.

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