Sunday, September 18, 2016

Heal The Bay

Greetings! The name is Tanya Kitchaiskulrit, and I am a freshman at Cal State L.A. I am taking English 1005A class in which Mrs. Ximena Hernandez is in charged. My class was asked to participate in Coastal Cleanup Day as a part of class activities. The event is happened every year on the third Saturday in September, although this is my first time that I have taken part in this activity. The event is about picking up trash around beaches in California.

I attended the event on Saturday, September 17th at Santa Monica beach. Since I got on the site before the start time, I took a walk around the beach to check the area. Overall, without much attention, I would say that the beach is surprisingly clean.
The beach is very clean if you don't pay close attention.

 When the event started, I paired up with my classmate and we received a glove for each person, a data card for recording stuff we picked up, and a bucket for collecting trash. We began to walk along the coast. At first, I thought that my group would not find much of trash as the beach is already clean, but when we closely examined the ground, we found out that a lot of trash are very hard to see since it was broken down into very small pieces and covered by sand in addition. Surprisingly enough, we ended up collecting garbage more than the amount we anticipated, and most of them are Cigarette butts, followed by pieces of plastic.
Just how many people smoke in each day on the beach to have this much?

 I believed that it must have more than what we have found out there as there are many participants in this event, and we were just away less than a mile from the start point. I am very frustrated by the fact that there are more people who are defiling nature than those who keep cleaning after them. Even though this event designed to dealing with this issue, and I am glad that lots people seem interested, I feel like it will never be enough to educate people of how important it is to clean after ourselves. I think that the reason why so many people neglected this problem because they believe that throw away such small amount of trash won't hurt anything. Apparently, the idea is widespread.

Smallest, but yet, deadliest to marine lives. 

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