Monday, April 24, 2017

Earth Day at the LA River

Hi everyone,

My name is William Avila, and I am currently enrolled in Mrs. Hernandez technical writing course this Spring 2017. On Saturday April 22nd I encountered one of the most eye-opening experiences. I have always heard rumors of the LA River being dirty, but I never imagined how filthy it really was. To start off, I grabbed a plastic bag from one of the volunteers in order fill it up with trash, but soon realized I was going to need way more than one. As I went back for more bags there was already a mountain of trash gathered by one of the many groups of volunteers. I alone managed to fill up four bags and remove some bulky items stuck in between trees. Furthermore, much of the trash that was gathered in bulk consisted of clothes. For a second I thought Goodwill had dumped their donations onto the LA River. The amount of garbage accumulated at the end of two hours was absolutely terrifying, and I can’t imagine what the river would look like if Friends of the Los Angeles River (FOLAR) were not involved. This experience helped me realize that you can make a significant difference in your community by simply donating only two hours of your time. I will definitely be doing this service again because I felt extremely good physically and mentally. The picture below shows one of the many trash sightings throughout the river.

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