Wednesday, April 26, 2017

FoLAR Experience

Hello my name is Jerome Pineda. I am currently taking English 2030 with Professor Hernandez. I participated on the FoLAR clean up  on Saturday April 22, 2017. I arrived on the site at 7:13 in the morning due to complications for a carpool ride. I helped out with the setup of the banners for the cleanup. After my group and I volunteered to help handing out the trash bags for the incoming people. Once the crowd died down my group and I decided to go help out the cleanup. The things that we found were a bit surprising. For the majority of things that we collected was simply scraps of plastic bags scattered across the river. I found a 7-up can embedded underneath the ground. One of our group members found a motherboard for what we believe was an iPhone. The most surprising and strenuous part of the cleanup was finding a copper wire embedded under the rocks. My group and I strained ourselves to get the copper wire free. We pushed rocks aside, dig through the dirt, kept pulling the wire until we plucked it out. Although the morning was grueling the whole event was fun and I hope to join it again next year.

Helping out at basecamp
Copper wire that was buried in the ground

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