Friday, April 28, 2017

Riverbeds are the best thrift stores

     Last Saturday, April 22nd, I had the oppurtunity to participate in the Friends of the Los Angeles River cleanup. I was not expecting anywhere near the ammount of pollution I encountered that morning. Most prominent were the plastic bags strewn and woven into the undergrowth. Less apparent but just as frequent were the various articles of clothing and fabric in general wedged into the riverbed. I spent a good deal of time removing these large articles from under the ground. I didn't encounter anything particularly dangerous or too difficult but the river was a challenge unlike any I'd undetaken before. I've cleaned beaches and parks fairly often but the terrain made this one the most difficult to alone. I'd like to do this again next year. I'd have pictures to post if I hadn't been so winded after hunting trash all morning. Until next earth day.

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