Wednesday, April 26, 2017

LA River Clean Up

Hello everyone, my name is Gustavo Medel. On this years earth day, April 22nd, I participated in the LA river clean up.

In class we are learning about the effects of pollution in our oceans. The plastic waste in society is all carried over to the ocean and is creating a large soup like consistency in the ocean which is endangering the marine wildlife. The river clean up is supposed to give us an idea of how much trash can pile up in a certain geographical area in an extended period of time.

I learned that we really can make a difference in the cleanliness in our society. A little help here and there really does go a long way over time. Each member of our class grabbed a bag for the trash we were to pick up and scoured the lake for any signs of waste. What we found were multiple items, such as: clothing, baseball cards, cans, chairs, the list goes on and on. I filled up a bag within an hour or so and helped out with a stand the rest of the time. The experience was enjoyable, but not at the same time. I did not like being in the hot sun on a Saturday morning picking up trash that did not belong to me, but in the back of my head I know I was helping a greater cause and that made it better in the end.

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