Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Earth Day L.A. River Clean-up

Left to right:Timothy, Jerome, Mayank
April 22, 2017 a day we try and give back to the earth we live in today by cleaning up the e-waste that we dispose of in the past. My name is Timothy Ko currently a sophomore attending California State Los Angeles University. Me and my friends from my English 2030 volunteer to help out the Folar (Friends of the Los Angeles River) clean up any waste that can't be decompose quickly before any wildlife consumes it and die.

 I have volunteer in varies places but this was my first time volunteering for a clean-up. It wasn't bad I have to admit even though I end up being ask to help with passing out gloves and plastic bags for the cleaners, but it wasn't all bad i got to meet with different people who want to give back to the earth which is something everyone should do.

Left to right: Jerome Daniel Mayank

A job well done.

This was a long wire we found.

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