Friday, April 28, 2017

FoLAR Clean-up

Hello my name is Andrew Plascencia and I am a second year at Cal State LA. On April 22, which was earth day, my English 2030 class went to the Los Angeles River to do a clean up. Before attending the FoLar event, I did not expect to see any types of metals such as broken shopping carts, a cooking grid, and other weird looking metals. Once I saw these pieces of metals, I started to think to myself, "Wow these are the things that go into the ocean". I had the idea of only plastic bottles and plastic bag go into the ocean. So after finding these pieces of metals, I knew that I had to remove them from the river before they can make it to the ocean. Another item that I did not expect to see in the river was clothing. But after seeing all the homeless camps by the river, it made sense of why there was that amount of clothing in the river. So that was also taken out to clean the riverbed. Throughout those two and half hours, it was fun actually picking all the waste. If i had a chance to do it again, I wouldn't hesitate say yes.

One of the many bags that filled up trucks.

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